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What you get into with used rods

November 23rd 2014 22:58
Since this blog recently talked about getting used fiberglass rods, that advice had better come with a warning--there are good rods and bad rods out there.

First and foremost--make sure the rod is not broken. This seems like a no brainer but, sometimes those little cracks are hard to see. Just like buying a new fishing rod, hold the handle and give the rod a shake to see if the action meets your demands. Then, bend the rod and make sure there are no cracks along its length. This may seem extreme but what happens if a pike or musky bites on your trout bait? I can speak from experience on an incident like this and I can assure you it's interesting to say the least. Most importantly, this is not a time you want your fishing rod to break!

When it comes to old fishing rods, flaws are fairly easy to spot in with rolled steel. Fiberglass, on the other hand, is a little harder to check. The No.1 thing I would recommend is do your inspecting under good lighting. I don't care if you have to go to a window, go outside, or pull flashlight out of your pocket! Who knows? The body language of the seller may tip you off to a potential problem when they see you're not a pigeon. That being said, don't go into a this with a combative attitude. For instance, I have a fiberglass bow that somehow cracked. I don't know why--maybe it's just age or maybe something fell against it. It boils down to this--give the guy the benefit of the doubt.

Fiberglass is just that--"fiber." Again, bend the rod and inspect its length to make sure there is no separation of the fibers. Sometimes this is a little hard to spot . A large crack is obvious but some cracks may look like a hair in the rod's finish. Naturally, you have to worry about the entire fishing rod but, it seems like more flaws occur towards the tip as the rod thins out.

Discoloration is another give-away. A heavy weight may have fallen on the rod or it may have been accidentally bent at a sharp angle. Something like this may not mean a true break but rather, a weak spot in the rod. If that's the case, you have to think about where the spot is, the intended purpose, and what you're paying for the rod. It really depends on the rod itself. For instance, I have one rod like this I've been using off and on for nearly 20 years. On the other hand, I had to throw another rod in the garbage because it started splitting and got worse and worse over time.

Lastly, and it should go without saying, don't buy a used fishing rod on Ebay or Craigslist. Although you may be saving a few bucks, there's nothing to insure quality like an up close and personal inspection.

spincast fishing rod
Too often, you find a rod, not just fiberglass, like the one pictured at the right. You often find rods like this in spincast kits. These rods actually have the rod blank molded into the handle, which negates sensitivity. I must admit I have a rod like this because of a lot of sentimental reasons but, I'm not crazy about it.

spinning rod
On the other hand you may find a rod like the one at the left which features a through-the-handle blank. Something like this will have more sensitivity and you may end up pulling in more fish. And, isn't that the name of the game?????

Remember to take the hooks outta yer pocket before ya sit down!

Simple rod repairs

November 18th 2014 20:51

I was doing a rod repair project the other day and thought I should share with you.

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A half assed autopsy

November 13th 2014 15:20
tiger shark caught in Hawaii
Even though it's nearly 40 years old, you have to admit the movie JAWS has some pretty memorable scenes.

One of the scenes I like is the exchange between researcher Hooper and the Mayor when Hooper says, "Let's cut the shark open and see what's in its digestive system." To which the mayor replies, "I'm not gonna let you perform some half-assed autopsy and have that little Kitner boy spill out all over the dock!"

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What's old is new

November 5th 2014 20:20
Just a few years ago, graphite fishing rods were all the rage. Gone were the days of fiberglass and its weight.

Guess what? Fiberglass is making a BIG comeback.

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Let's revisit glass minnow tubes

October 21st 2014 02:33
Back in the day, lures were pretty simple. Colors, if there was more than one, were highly contrasting and patterns were fairly simple when compared with today's machine designed and painted fish getters.

minnow tube
This is a fairly typical design. Note the size.
However, one of the most unique fishing lures from yester-year had NO color. As fragile as glass my be, back in the 1890's someone got the idea to give it a whirl as a fishing lure and started selling glass minnow tubes.

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Saving the Eagle

October 15th 2014 16:43
Sometimes the best part of fishing is just being outside and communing with nature.

Even if you don't fish, you've probably seen a big bird diving at the water's surface and coming up with a fresh fish.

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Great shark image, by luck

October 8th 2014 22:38
Since I don't live around any shark waters, I'm always drawn to shark reports. And while I'm no longer Pixel Pete when it comes to photography, I know an F-stop from a bus stop so, if two of my passions come together like they did this week, I try to keep up on the story.

Amanda Brewer, who teaches art to elementary school students in New Jersey, was able to capture a National Geographic worthy shot of a great white shark during a recent trip to South Africa.

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Shark vs. shark

October 2nd 2014 13:34
Here's something I thought was pretty cool--raw footage of a shark attacking another shark.

This is a great white going after another great white with none of the CGI or re-enactmenst like you often see on Animal Planet or Discovery.

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Gators in Da 'Burgh

September 25th 2014 14:51
It's not that uncommon to hear about a bull shark heading up a river to be found in unusual places. On the other hand, it's not every day you hear about alligators being out of their usual habitat. That is, until now.

Here's a link my daughter sent me reporting a very possible gator sighting near Pittsburgh, PA.

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A break from fishing

September 19th 2014 14:12
I'm going to take a break from fishing and congratulate my Aussie friends for thwarting terrorism Down Under!

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