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Gators in Da 'Burgh

September 25th 2014 14:51
It's not that uncommon to hear about a bull shark heading up a river to be found in unusual places. On the other hand, it's not every day you hear about alligators being out of their usual habitat. That is, until now.

Here's a link my daughter sent me reporting a very possible gator sighting near Pittsburgh, PA.
Cheswick is about 15 miles north of the City.

A lot of people are going to be wondering what this has to do with fishing. A quick answer would be to say gators eat fish and let it go but this really hits home because I used to fish about a mile or two downriver!

This report makes sense in one respect--although the Allegheny River is definitely in a temperate area, the alleged gator is heading SOUTH and, apparently, making an attempt to escape the cool water. Although temperatures are still well above freezing both during the day and at night, gators need temperatures around 45F. Being cold blooded, they barely move when temperatures drop.

This is not the first time a gator has turned up in the Pittsburgh area as this link will attest. Etna is just a few miles down the river from Cheswick and Little Pine Creek eventually makes it way to the Allegheny.

As the article suggests, this time the alligator was probably someone's pet and it got a little too big for them to handle. On the other hand, a more sinister scenario looms--since more than one gator has shown up, is it possible the little gator is a product of their breeding? That being said, the summers have been brutal lately. Then again, you can say the same thing about the winters so, this looks like fodder for a DNR investigation. If government red tape delays them, maybe the Gator Boys can make a road trip?

Remember to take the hooks outta yer pocket before ya sit down!


A break from fishing

September 19th 2014 14:12
I'm going to take a break from fishing and congratulate my Aussie friends for thwarting terrorism Down Under!

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Another good link

September 18th 2014 01:44
Here's a link some of you may appreciate. It's for an outfit called Angling International which is based in the UK.

Angling International
I've been reading the online version about six months and I'm not going to lie and say I read every word but, it's sort of interesting and you get a taste of how they catch fish in other countries. Along those lines, you find brands such as Zebco or VMC that are internationally known. The inverse is true as well, and you may learn a thing or two and read about companies you never knew existed.

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A fisherman's tale

September 12th 2014 14:43
Don't you just seethe with envy when some guy is recounting how he landed this or that big catch of the day? When you consider all you hear about the tall tales anglers sometimes tell, you have to wonder. That's one big reason you don't see a lot of pictures of "catches" on this blog. With all the photo manipulation out there today and all you can do with Photoshop, unless I'm there to witness something up close and personal, I always have my doubts. Maybe that's why my mantra is, "I'll believe it when I see it."

It's easier to believe stories about fish I didn't catch--like the musky that bit on trout bait.

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There's red and there's red

September 6th 2014 14:00
Remember back in the day when red line was supposed to be THE thing? The idea behind the hype as pretty simple—fish couldn’t see the line, and if your line is invisible, you’re going to catch a gazillion fish.

BUT look at it a different way-- while many line manufacturers claimed their red line was practically invisible, at the same time there were hook companies claiming their red hooks to be THE ultimate hook because fish could see them and home in on the red.

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Walking fish? Who'd a thunk it?

August 29th 2014 10:48
Maybe they had some extra time at the lab or maybe they've watched too much Syfy. Anyhow, three researchers at McGill University have raised fish to walk on land.

I see HORROR MOVIE written all over this!

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Eel lives to be 155 years old!

August 16th 2014 16:24
European eel
Here's a story I couldn't believe.

An eel died in Sweden last week and it's believed to be 155 years old! That's pretty incredible for any creature in the wild but, this eel didn't live in the local water hole. This animal was dropped into a well to rid it of insects.

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Sharks turning up in Louisiana

August 15th 2014 16:04
bull shark

The other day this blog talked about Americans embracing their sharks. Unfortunately, that's truer than imagined because a seven year old boy has been bitten in Lake Ponchatrain down in Louisiana.

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Google vs. Sharks

August 14th 2014 16:24
When the next big wave of technology hits and people get weary of their smart phone or tablet, Google will probably go the way of Kodak. Until then, it looks like Google is doing its best to keep things in working order as this story outlines.

Read all about it!

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I would have paid money to see this!

August 6th 2014 17:38
Here's an account of an Australian Crocodile battling a bull shark.

There have been varying opinions on the outcome of a shark/crocodile confrontation so, I'm not gong to spoil the story and let you in on what happened. Just keep in mind the croc is 80 years old and missing a front leg!

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