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Let's revisit glass minnow tubes

October 21st 2014 02:33
Back in the day, lures were pretty simple. Colors, if there was more than one, were highly contrasting and patterns were fairly simple when compared with today's machine designed and painted fish getters.

minnow tube
This is a fairly typical design. Note the size.
However, one of the most unique fishing lures from yester-year had NO color. As fragile as glass my be, back in the 1890's someone got the idea to give it a whirl as a fishing lure and started selling glass minnow tubes.

Detroit Minnow Tube
A variation on the theme. When's the last time you saw a lure in a box like that?
The idea behind the minnow tube was fairly simple. Simply drop in a live minnow, fill the tube with water, insert the cork or screw on the lid and cast away. A byproduct was the curved surface, coupled with the water inside, which worked as a magnifier and made the minnow look bigger. As for scent--well, the history books just don't talk about that!

Glass minnow tubes were first patented in 1893 by Henry Welch. From then on, different lures were crafted by various companies--all with the same idea-- protecting live bait so one minnow could last all day.

Detroit Minnow Tube
It's 100 years old. Here's a 1914 Detroit Glass Minnow Tube.
Owing to the fragility of glass, original examples of glass minnow tubes sell in the $450-$600 range. Reproductions are available for around $30-$40.

Remember to take the hooks outta yer pocket before ya sit down!


Saving the Eagle

October 15th 2014 16:43
Sometimes the best part of fishing is just being outside and communing with nature.

Even if you don't fish, you've probably seen a big bird diving at the water's surface and coming up with a fresh fish.

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Great shark image, by luck

October 8th 2014 22:38
Since I don't live around any shark waters, I'm always drawn to shark reports. And while I'm no longer Pixel Pete when it comes to photography, I know an F-stop from a bus stop so, if two of my passions come together like they did this week, I try to keep up on the story.

Amanda Brewer, who teaches art to elementary school students in New Jersey, was able to capture a National Geographic worthy shot of a great white shark during a recent trip to South Africa.

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Shark vs. shark

October 2nd 2014 13:34
Here's something I thought was pretty cool--raw footage of a shark attacking another shark.

This is a great white going after another great white with none of the CGI or re-enactmenst like you often see on Animal Planet or Discovery.

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Gators in Da 'Burgh

September 25th 2014 14:51
It's not that uncommon to hear about a bull shark heading up a river to be found in unusual places. On the other hand, it's not every day you hear about alligators being out of their usual habitat. That is, until now.

Here's a link my daughter sent me reporting a very possible gator sighting near Pittsburgh, PA.

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A break from fishing

September 19th 2014 14:12
I'm going to take a break from fishing and congratulate my Aussie friends for thwarting terrorism Down Under!

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Another good link

September 18th 2014 01:44
Here's a link some of you may appreciate. It's for an outfit called Angling International which is based in the UK.

Angling International
I've been reading the online version about six months and I'm not going to lie and say I read every word but, it's sort of interesting and you get a taste of how they catch fish in other countries. Along those lines, you find brands such as Zebco or VMC that are internationally known. The inverse is true as well, and you may learn a thing or two and read about companies you never knew existed.

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A fisherman's tale

September 12th 2014 14:43
Don't you just seethe with envy when some guy is recounting how he landed this or that big catch of the day? When you consider all you hear about the tall tales anglers sometimes tell, you have to wonder. That's one big reason you don't see a lot of pictures of "catches" on this blog. With all the photo manipulation out there today and all you can do with Photoshop, unless I'm there to witness something up close and personal, I always have my doubts. Maybe that's why my mantra is, "I'll believe it when I see it."

It's easier to believe stories about fish I didn't catch--like the musky that bit on trout bait.

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There's red and there's red

September 6th 2014 14:00
Remember back in the day when red line was supposed to be THE thing? The idea behind the hype as pretty simple—fish couldn’t see the line, and if your line is invisible, you’re going to catch a gazillion fish.

BUT look at it a different way-- while many line manufacturers claimed their red line was practically invisible, at the same time there were hook companies claiming their red hooks to be THE ultimate hook because fish could see them and home in on the red.

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Walking fish? Who'd a thunk it?

August 29th 2014 10:48
Maybe they had some extra time at the lab or maybe they've watched too much Syfy. Anyhow, three researchers at McGill University have raised fish to walk on land.

I see HORROR MOVIE written all over this!

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