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More North Carolina Sharks

July 4th 2015 04:07
Since it's 4th of July weekend here in the States and in recognition of the 40th anniversary of the release of JAWS, maybe we ought to take a little time to recognize the real life shark horror going on off the coast of North Carolina.

If you've ever looked for sharks' teeth on NC beaches, you quickly discover it's not a hotbed of shark activity although the area is definitely along the migration route for several shark species. Despite this, North Carolina is stealing the spot light from California and Florida and making the news every few days. In fact, this link even relates a tale of a brave soul grabbing a shark by the tail!
hammerhead sharks

Although researchers are baffled by the sudden increase in attacks, several very valid theories have been offered up including global waring and something as simple as the fact there are more people in the water.

Another fact that seems to be eluding experts is the kind of shark responsible for the attacks. Personally, since this is, more or less, a shark highway, I don't see any one shark being responsible. In fact, the idea of different species being responsible is not that far fetched either. Lets just count our blessings that Great Whites are not involved.

Where will it all end? Perhaps it will end with the summer.

Remember to take the hooks outta yer pocket before ya sit down!


The Arbogast Mud Bug

June 24th 2015 17:14
Arbogast Mud Bug
I'll be the first to admit this thing has seen its better days.

Most anglers who have done much fishing are familiar with the Arbogast Jitterbug. Many of that group are also familiar with another Arbogast creation: the Hula Popper. And part of that group probably knows the Tin Liz started it all clear back in 1927.

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Liberty dime, silver dime
The other day I was looking for images of jigs and ran across this neat photograph that, I think, was on Ebay.

Unless you're familiar with older US coins, you may not realize how small the jigs in the picture truly are. Those old Liberty Head dimes were only about 1-1/2 centimeters or less than 3/4"! Also, Liberty dimes were silver as opposed to modern dimes. I know there's a collector out there somewhere who would snatch this up in a minute.

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Salmon sharks and terror in NC

June 15th 2015 15:35
It was a wild weekend for shark activity in the US. Two kids were attacked in North Carolina and River Monsters mentioned a shark found in Alaskan Waters that is warm blooded as opposed to the cold blooded creatures usually found in oceans, lakes, and rivers.

Salmon Shark
This may look like a Great White but...
Resembling their relative, the Great White, salmon sharks prefer to feed on Pacific salmon, but their diet also includes other bony fish.

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Invasive fish headed for Oz?

June 5th 2015 20:13
Here's an article I ran across today about a walking fish possibly heading for Australia. Unlike a lot of the doom a gloom articles that accompany reports of walking fish, this one doesn't speculate about the Walking Perch's attack on Man or include warnings about what may happen to Fluffy or Spot. Rather, what this fish actually does is flex its gill plates outward if swallowed and suffocate the predator.

Although the fish is in the general region of Australia, the big question for scientists and ecologists is, "If it will get there?" Knowing how things work these days, perhaps a better question is, " When will it get to Australia?"

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Winchester fishing tackle

May 28th 2015 01:23
Winchester Fishing tackle sign
I've spent many hours looking at this sign and wondering about the company.
To many people, Winchester is simply known as "The gun that won the West." Despite its long history in firearms that continues to this day, it may surprise a lot of people to find out Winchester spent about a decade in the fishing tackle business.

It was a brief period when Winchester was in the tackle business--approximately 1920-1931. During that time, big companies were into almost everything. Realizing that, it wasn't uncommon to find the Winchester name on skates, flashlights, baseball bats and even washing machines! Unfortunately, along came the Great Depression and Winchester began unloading any parts of the business that weren't making what money was available. Little by little, they focused more and more on firearms and ammunition until they were truly rescued from bankruptcy by American involvement in WWII.

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After the flack Discovery Channel received following the pseudo-science fare of Megalodon, some sort of crap about purported mermaids, and another screwed up affair concerning a guy getting eaten alive by an anaconda, a fellow by the name of Rich Ross took over as president of the Discovery Channel and promised no more of this made up nonsense.

So, what really happened to all that bogus footage? It's been showing up on Animal Planet under the guise of "Monster Week."

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These days it's not uncommon to hear about gun control or outright weapon bans. On the other hand, you don't hear a lot about people wanting to ban fishing tackle. Until now!

The California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) announced that fishing tackle will remain on a list of consumer products that may be subjected to a regulatory process that can lead to a ban of items containing lead.

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A Highly Recommended Link

May 14th 2015 15:48
hadmade fisherman logo
Anglers are often an industrious lot. If you fall into that category, here's a link you'll probably enjoy.

This is a link to Paul Adams's Handmade Fisherman channel on YouTube.

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Here's an absolutely scathing review of the Ambassadeur 6500S.

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