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Tips to keep minnows alive

July 14th 2014 00:16
When it comes to minnows, keeping them alive, even 24 hours, is, too often, a losing proposition.

On the other hand, there's no denying they're pretty expensive so, it's nothing to be ashamed of no matter how it turns out.

The biggest problem most anglers have is trying to keep too many minnows in too little water. The typical minnow bucket is good for maybe two or three dozen minnows and that's going from the bait shop to your favorite fishing hole. Chances are, no matter how big that bucket is, you only have enough water for two or three minnows--maybe a few more if the fish are really small but, you get the drift. So, if you're going to try and keep them overnight, the first thing to do is take them from the bucket and keep them in a larger container.

Another big problem is trying to keep minnows in water that is too warm. Granted, when it's the middle of summer and eggs are frying up and down the sidewalk, water straight from the tap may seem pretty cool but, it's still way too warm for long term minnow storage. Strive to make the minnow water as cool as possible. 45F or 7C is a good target but, that's impossible for some. Still, the cold keeps the water oxygenated and keeps algae and other nasties at bay. At least, go for 65F/18C or lower and you'll be better off!

Municipal water supplies are usually deadly for fish! Water softeners may or may not remove impurities so, you'll be better off with some of the commercial products on the market aimed at aquarium buffs. If you go that route, read labels carefully. Some water only has chlorine added to it. If that's the case, many people just let the water set idle for a day or two until the chlorine evaporates.

Some municipalities use something called chloramine which is a combination of chlorine and ammonia. Unfortunately, chloramine does not evaporate like regular chlorine so, it's still going to be deadly to fish even if you let it set in an empty tank for a week or more. Short of talking to the head of the water board, there's not much the average person can do because if you call city hall and start asking questions, they're probably not going to know or even care. Worse yet, you may get someone on the phone who wants to sound like a genius and tells you anything you want to hear!

The topic of chloramine brings up another dangerous chemical facing minnows--ammonia. Granted, nobody in their right mind is going to pour ammonia into their minnows but, remember chloramine is made from ammonia. On top of that, remember, although they're in water, fish gotta pee and that's ammonia. So...

If you've done all this and gotten by with living minnows, you'll face another task. You'll have to keep the water clean. With a small tank, frequent water changes will work. For larger tanks, that may not be practical. This is where you may want to invest in a filter. Again, something aimed at the aquarium crowd will usually fill the bill. Remember this, fish are pretty dirty so you need all the filter you can afford. Generally speaking, figure the size tank you have, double that number, and you'll know how much filter to get. For instance, if you have a 10 gallon tank, you should get a filter to handle 20 gallons. However, don't think you can escape the drudgery of changing water just because you have a filter! Remember, fish thrive in clean water. A filter will buy you a couple extra days but, changing water every week is the norm!

If your minnows are still alive, it's time to think about feeding them. Three words--Purina Fish Chow. That was a joke--I don't know if Purina makes fish food or not. However, someone makes fish pellets and those things seem to work. Another avenue is to use the little fish flakes like you feed aquarium fish. A third solution is to take dry dog or cat food, grind it up in a food processor, and feed that to the fish. Again, like aquarium fish, just a pinch of food and it should all be consumed in around five minutes.

Lets see--a filter, chemicals, fish food...maybe it's just easier to shell out a few bucks at the tackle shop?

Remember to take the hooks outta yer pocket before ya sit down!


J Knot beats out Blood Knot

July 9th 2014 00:39
When it comes to tying line to line, I've been going with the Blood Knot longer that I care to admit. Although the Blood Knot is a little hard to tie, I've stuck with it because it looks pretty cool if you can tie it and it is a pretty good knot. However, that may have to change because on the Knot Wars segment of the season finale of North American Fisherman featured the J Knot knocking off the Blood Knot.

North American Fisherman is one of the better fishing programs on TV because you won't sit there half an hour watching guys fish. Although you'll see fishing action, you'll learn a little about tactics, equipment, conservation, and, thanks to the Knot Wars segment that has been going on the past few years, how to tie some good knots.

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Great white shark
We're gonna need a bigger boat!

Saturday's report of a Great White attack off the California Coast really comes as no surprise although shark attacks, especially those of Great Whites, are rare.

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Fish take over mall

July 3rd 2014 00:49
No doubt you know someone who has a koi pond. And who among us has walked along the waterfront and spied a school of catfish so large the fish are practically rubbing fins? And who hasn't been to the mall in the past few weeks? Now, imagine all three of those scenarios combined and you get an idea of what happened at an abandoned mall in Bangkok, Thailand.

In an apocalyptic scene, fish were found living in a deserted mall in Bangkok, Thailand after it caught fire in 1999. That's right--1999. Evidently, the mall wasn't in a prime real estate area!

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If you're like me, it's not much of a thrill to make simple soft plastic lures that are flat on one side. Sure, you can buy a set of molds and the whole injection set up but, unless you're going to be making several lures, that option may be cost prohibitive.

Here's a really great Youtube showing you how to make your own injection molds, how to use them, and the finished product.

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Sometimes you're too close to a subject to think of all the angles. This was pointed out to me the other day when someone asked me the difference between salt and fresh water.

Everyone has a good idea what salt water is. Basically, it's the ocean or deltas and tributaries not far from the sea. If you've ever swam at the beach and accidentally gulped in a mouth full of ocean water, you know what I'm talking about. The constant wearing away of rocks, coral and general contaminants, including decaying fish and other biological matter, makes the water salty. In fact, I read somewhere that the ocean's salt would create a layer about 500 feet thick--that's about the height of a 40 story building.

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39 years of JAWS

June 21st 2014 14:12
Jaws movie poster
I though it would be more impressive to wait until next year and mention that the movie that scared us out of the water, no matter where you live, is 40 years old. But, the people over at Huffington Post must not have agreed because this link was on Facebook this morning.

Before the FCC created their exclusivity ruling, meaning a network has exclusive rights to a program or movie, I saw Jaws eight times in one year on TV. Before you shake your head, you have to realize I was trying to see how many times I could see it. I like to say it was my "Year of the Shark Watch." When you add to the total a viewing at the theater plus three more times on TV you get an even dozen. The only other film to come close to that total is The Longest Day which I've only seen 6 or 7 times. (AND these movies were released over a decade apart so, you can draw your own conclusions.)

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Extinct fish pops up

June 19th 2014 16:19
Just when you think the world is going to Hell in a hand basket because of all the pollution out there, a story like this comes along.

Extinct or not.

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The great white mystery goes on

June 11th 2014 01:52
great white shark
Here' s the latest on a story that has been driving me crazy for over a week...
Shark sushi?

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I gotta admit, I'm a sucker for almost any list of favorites. Movies, TV programs, soft drinks--you name it. Considering that, it should come as no surprise that I looked at Wired2Fish's list of The 20 Most Influential Bass Fishing Lures with a great deal of interest.

Why the article is dated 2011 and I just saw it on Facebook yesterday is a mystery but, I'll let that go. What I'd like to point out is that although it seems the article and list caters to bass anglers, most of the lures are pretty darned good for all fish!

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