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Ho, ho, ho!

December 25th 2013 00:08
Santa fishing

Naughty or nice--you'll fall in the water if you're not careful!


Happy Holidaze

December 25th 2012 00:23

Think before you buy a fishing book

October 14th 2012 02:48
When it's too cold to go to your favorite fishing hole, getting down with a good book about fishing can be the next best thing. Sadly, books on fishing usually range in quality from those with plenty of pretty pictures but little useable information to invaluable guides on catching a specific kind of fish that some people use as a bible while others' eyes glaze over.

Some fishing books cover a pretty big variety of species and often then cover a lot of territory. There's nothing wrong with these books if you new to angling! In fact, books of this nature probably provide the good basic info you need.

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What about Thoreau? Did HE fish?

April 13th 2012 05:48
Nobody can determine if Shakespeare fished. What about Henry David Thoreau?

When it comes to Thoreau, experts shout out a big, solid MAYBE when it comes to fishing.

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Did William Shakespeare wet a line?

April 11th 2012 02:44
William Shakespeare
So, did Shakespeare fish? Most people have never thought about it but certain scholars have pondered the question for some time.

It has been noted that Shakespeare mentions fish or fishing 200 times in his works. Pike is alluded to in The Merry Wives of Windsor, tickling trout pops up in Twelfth Night, and carp are noted in Hamlet.

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I finally read Jaws

October 25th 2011 02:54
It's a few decades too late but I finally read the novel JAWS.

Jaws, novel, Jaws dust jacket
The book
If you enjoy reading, books on which movies are based are often better than the movie or, at the very least, help illuminate minor characters or plot points. Sad to say, that's not the case here.

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Make your own trailers

April 28th 2011 01:03
A while back, a touring professional angler told me he never used a spinner bait without a trailer.

In case you don't know what a trailer is, when it comes to fishing, it's an additional enticement you can put on a spinner bait hook to draw in fish.

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Here's a concept I've never heard before.

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Fishing can help returning vets

November 26th 2008 02:23
I was surfing the web, looking for some info, when I found something else and it sort of took over everything I was thinking about at the time…

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More fishing books

September 30th 2008 00:12
I usually don't buy fishing books because people often give them to me as gifts. Here are a few I've received lately.

Field & Stream Tackle Care and Repair Handbook
The first book I want to highlight is the FIELD & STREAM TACKLE CARE and REPAIR HANDBOOK. This book is pretty handy and can be a real life saver! Rather than reading from cover to cover, you may want to look upon this book as a reference guide. The care of rods, reels, AND accessories such as waders and nets is covered.

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Angling books for a rainy day

April 10th 2008 00:06
Sometimes the weather doesn't cooperate and you have time to do something besides fish. If you're a thinking person, here are a couple of books you may like.

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