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Ho, ho, ho!

December 25th 2013 00:08
Santa fishing

Naughty or nice--you'll fall in the water if you're not careful!


Happy Holidaze

December 25th 2012 00:23

One guy's first lures

October 20th 2011 12:14
Here's a look at one artist's first attempts at making lures.

Although this video seems to be more a record of his testing than a "how I did it," you can still get some ideas.

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Some lure ideas for you

April 4th 2009 21:13
This post is a video from YouTube showing some ideas for painting your hand made lures. I hope it gives you some inspiration.

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Merry Christmas!!

December 24th 2008 23:47
As Joe Cool would say..."Have a cool yule!"

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Fishing can help returning vets

November 26th 2008 02:23
I was surfing the web, looking for some info, when I found something else and it sort of took over everything I was thinking about at the time…

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Making a crankbait

August 10th 2007 00:30
Work has begun on this crankbait. Notice the area for the diving bill has been sawed.

With the variety of crankbaits on the market today, one has to wonder about the practicality of making your own lures. However, nothing beats the satisfaction of landing a fish on a lure you made!

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Adding weight to lures

June 6th 2007 00:07
A few people have asked me what to do if their lures flop over in the water and look like a dead fish. Here's what I do--

Sometimes your crankbaits flop over on their side and look less than awesome. This may be from the type of wood you use or maybe the hardware is on the light side. This is not a big problem to fix. Providing everything else is going well, you may have a lure that you like and making it float properly would make it perfect

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