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Sarah Palin bashed for fish bashing

December 14th 2010 03:11
Sarah Palin is in the news again. This time it's not her politics. It's for fishing!

Palin and her daughter Bristol were featured on the ex-vice-presidential nominee's new reality TV show 'Sarah Palin's Alaska' which showed them on a halibut fishing excursion.

On the program, the former Alaska governor was filmed clubbing a fish to death, then holding its still-beating heart in her hands for television cameras.

Sarah Palin Fishing
For the record, I couldn't find a copy of the video. The fish in question is a halibut and clubbing them is the most humane way to guarantee their demise. It is the apparent relishing of the act by Palin that has outraged the US animal rights advocates In Defence of Animals.

During the program, Palin explains why clubbing halibut to death is necessary.

Since clubbing is part of halibut harvest, Palin would have to get the benefit of the doubt in this case since we don't have video of the event.

Relish??? Maybe that's in the eye of the beholder. OR those who didn't see it.

Remember to take the hooks outta yer pocket before ya sit down!


Woman lands record trout

August 9th 2009 03:17
rainbow trout
I don't think I'm going to get sued for plagiarism by showing you this.

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Russian fishing adventure

November 10th 2008 03:15
I often find myself drawn to stories of exoctic fish or tales of fishing in exotic locations. If you can combine the two, I tend to hang on every word!

Here's a dynamite article that turned up in today's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette written by one of the paper's chief outdoor writers John Hayes.

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A little more about Marcia Rubin

October 26th 2008 00:24
Marcia Rubin is definitely building a name for herself as both a female angler and also for her deeds off the water. I wrote about her a while back and found this video since then.

She's such a unique and inspiring individual that I thought she deserves a second look. This is a segment that appeared on Wild Ohio and ended up on YouTube.

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Wong takes 2008 Women's Bassmaster crown

February 24th 2008 14:06
Judy Wong
Judy Wong displays her trophy for Women's excellence.
In all the hoopla concerning the Bassmaster Classic and the $500,000 prize that goes to the Men's winner, women are often swept by the side. However the women's branch of the BASS circuit was having their own championship this weekend that was won yesterday by Judy Wong of Many, Louisiana who had a total of 26-10 over three days.

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Fishin' Chix--ladies fishing with class

January 29th 2008 06:33
Fishin Chix
Fishin' Chix hitting the water.
There's an old saying--"If life gives you lemons, make lemonade." That's exactly what Claudia Espensheid did after her life was disrupted by Hurricane Ivan. In just a short time, she helped form Fishin' Chix, an organization that has grown to have fishing tournaments as well its own clothing line and donate profits to a local hospice!

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Marcia Rubin--leaving her mark

October 4th 2007 00:18
Marcia Rubin
Like I've said before, too many people think fishing is only about "good ol' boys" going down to the "crick" to drink a few brews and "git a mess of fish." I don't subscribe to that theory because there people on tour right now who don't fit that mold.
Would someone with modeling experience change your perception?

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Women are fishing!

September 16th 2007 20:19

A study of the topic, leads to one conclusion—fishing is a sport where men and women can compete on an even field. If she’s catching more fish, it doesn’t matter how much you can bench press because if the fish ain’t gonna bite, you ain’t gonna catch ‘em! Today, female anglers can be found at every level and many believe they will be the ones to pass on the legacy and traditions of fishing

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Bassmaster inequity

September 12th 2007 00:29
This will probably stroke someone's fur the wrong way but...

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Melinda Mize
One of the first things you notice about professional angler Melinda Mize is that she's not one of the guys. In a sport full of Bubbas, any female who is only 5'4" and barely weighs 100 pounds is going to stand out.

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Kathryn Maroun

It’s time to put preconceived ideas of anglers aside and realize that there’s a new breed of fisherman out there. In fact, some aren’t even fisherMEN! They are fisherWOMEN and one of the best and most beautiful is Kathryn Maroun.

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