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Fish take over mall

July 3rd 2014 00:49
No doubt you know someone who has a koi pond. And who among us has walked along the waterfront and spied a school of catfish so large the fish are practically rubbing fins? And who hasn't been to the mall in the past few weeks? Now, imagine all three of those scenarios combined and you get an idea of what happened at an abandoned mall in Bangkok, Thailand.

In an apocalyptic scene, fish were found living in a deserted mall in Bangkok, Thailand after it caught fire in 1999. That's right--1999. Evidently, the mall wasn't in a prime real estate area!

Remember to take the hooks outta yer pocket before ya sit down!


Happy Holidaze

December 25th 2012 00:23

More than once, fishing has been slow and someone has joked about throwing explosives into the water and scooping up the fish as they float to the top.

It turns out some fishermen off the coast of Australia and then Washington State did just that. The thing is--they weren't just your average Joe out wetting a line before heading back to the office on Monday.

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This 'N' That From the World

August 9th 2012 16:29
I'll admit fishing is on the back burner these days. It's been SUPER hot, the river is down, and I have some other crap in my life making it hard to wet a line.

Like a lot of people, I've been following the Olympics--maybe not like a true sports' fanatic but, the TV has been on at times I usually don't watch it.

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How much do you text?

June 23rd 2012 14:13
This isn't exactly a fishing story but, if you cut me some slack, you may enjoy is anyway.

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The magic bullet

April 24th 2012 03:45
I'll admit, the title is misleading but anyone looking for a quick-fix to their fishing woes is in dire need of this message.

The secret? Forget it--there is no magic bullet or quick fix that will make you into a winning tournament pro or make you top dog around all your buddies.

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Planned obselance

April 22nd 2012 03:14
fishing reels

I don't think there's a person out there who doesn't believe things are made to wear out. Think about it--things break, we buy new ones to take their place and that's what makes the world go 'round--or at least keeps the economy going.

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March 3rd 2011 02:13

Some say kids are getting meaner and meaner but this borders on stupidity!

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Happy New Year

January 1st 2011 02:03
Happy New Year too all my readers and those who have been with me since this thing started!

I appreciate everyone who reads my blog and hope you get some useful knowledge from it.

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Everyone gets junk mail!

May 25th 2010 00:57
wooden ship

Although my traffic has increased over the past few months, I'm not so full of myself the I believe everybody is reading my nuggets of wisdom and insights.

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Catch of the day!

May 16th 2010 04:29
What if you were fishing and found something like this?

I thought I had seen it all the day I pulled in a bicycle frame but that's nothing compared to the angler who hauled in a drone missile while fishing the Gulf of Mexico.

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HUH? Fish pedicures???????

April 25th 2010 15:57
Fact is often stranger than fiction.

That phrase is proven once again by this link.

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Stolen tackle on Ebay?????

March 8th 2010 05:15
spinner baits
Although I try to warn people about buying fishing equipment on the Web, it's usually because I don't want them buying a pig-in-a-poke or end up with the wrong thing in their quest to save a buck or two.

I have to admit though, I never thought of the story I read about an enterprising UK man who stole fishing tackle and then sold it on Ebay.

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When is a fish a fish?

February 28th 2010 01:37
It's going to take the U.S. Government to determine if certain fish from Vietnam are actually catfish because the imports are hurting domestic business.

In order to begin their campaign, U.S. catfish producers must get the Department of Agriculture to say the fish from Vietnam is truly a catfish. Sounds simple, right? There may be trouble because only seven years ago catfish farmers successfully lobbied to have the Vietnamese fish designated as something other than a catfish.

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How much will tuna cost?

January 10th 2010 05:51
tuna fish
The last time you went to the grocery store, how much did you pay for a can of tuna?

Recently some Japanese paid $177,000 for a 513 lb. tuna.

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Woman eats goldfish!

December 31st 2009 00:58

I think this is a fitting story to end 2009


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The saga of the flushed goldfish

November 8th 2009 01:18
We're watching you!

If goldfish could talk, what a tale they could tell! At least that's the case for one lucky goldfish in Lanarkshire, Scotland. His owner thought Pooh, as the fish has come to be called, was going belly up and down the tubes he went--the fish that is. Until he was rescued by a sewer worker.

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What are you REALLY eating?

November 1st 2009 02:53
Here's a pretty cool story about a restaurateur who got in trouble for selling low grade fish as high profile cuisine.

Someone at work brought this to me last week when they heard I was on another catfish kick.

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We can use a good laugh*

September 13th 2009 03:41
I tought this was pretty funny when someone showed it to me.

I hope you like it too!

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Has it been THAT long?

July 10th 2009 00:01
fish8ng rod

Angling Fish is two years old today!

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