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Get some free fishing line

June 9th 2012 20:01
This blog has often lamented about all the different fishing lines out there. Considering the price of decent line, it's almost impossible to try them all.

fishing line
That task may be a little easier because you can follow this link to order a spool of TUF-line by Western Filament and get in on the braided line craze.

WARNING--You still have to pay a shipping and handling fee and the offer is only good in the Continental US. So if you're in Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, or other parts of the world, you're just out of luck.

Remember to take the hooks outta yer pocket before ya sit down!

Another take on the BEST line

April 18th 2012 14:18
With all the fishing lines on the market today, it's hard to pick out a "best."

Too many beginners just pick the most expensive fishing line on the shelf with little regard for the application.

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Any time you go to a fast food joint they always give you a straw with your drink.

What do you do with it when you're done?

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How to store fishing line

December 24th 2010 06:42
You know how it is. Maybe you're out there shopping on your own or maybe you've been roped into a day of shopping with your wife or mother. Take it from one who knows, one is as bad as the other. But, suddenly things look brighter.

Down one of the aisles you see a display featuring fishing line at prices too good to pass up. Before you start loading up the shopping cart, logic kicks in and you ask yourself, "How much line does a guy need?"

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Another great line from Sufix

November 22nd 2010 01:21
Sufix fishing line

Outside of the angling community Sufix line may not be that well known but, let me assure you, it's a might fine product.

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Good line tip

November 8th 2010 01:08
When you're out fishing, don't forget to occasionally check the last 3-5 feet of your line for nicks and abrasions.

Run the line between your fingers or an even more sensitive area is to run the line between your lips. If you feel rough spots or notice fraying, cut off the offending length of line and retie your hook or lure.

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How to choose fishing line

November 7th 2010 00:44
If you're new to fishing or anything for that matter, you want the best out there but with so many fishing lines on the market, you have to wonder which one is right. That's always tough to answer since specifics have to be considered but, this chart may help:

Panfish...............2-4 lb. test

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Some line information

October 19th 2010 01:35
Good line is invaluable to fishing success. In fact, I'll go as far as to say good line can make up for other equipment deficiencies. The best line will not turn you into a tournament angler but it can help in other areas. For instance, I don't shell out big bucks for rods. However, I do buy the best line I can get and match that up with a good reel. In fact, I have a reel I'm not too crazy about but with quality line, I'm certainly not going to try and sell the reel at a swap meet.

fishing lines
There are a lot of lines out there!
Too many people equate "good line" with "expensive line." Generally speaking, you'll pay more for braided line or fluorocarbon line than mono-filament. BUT you don't always need these "super lines." Knowing what line is for and what it does can make selecting line a bit easier. At the risk of sounding cheap, you have to ask yourself, “What’s the use of paying for premium line if I'm not going to get the most out of it?”

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Invisible swivels for invisible line!

August 22nd 2010 00:13
I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. It can be a real time waster but, every now and then, something pops up that may be of value--like the ad I saw for a product called InvisaSwivel by Aquateko.
Invisa Swivel

I'll be honest and admit I haven't used InvisaSwivel yet but it looks pretty promising and I think it's definitely a piece of tackle whose time has come. After all, fluorocarbon line has been on the market a while and it pretty well disappears under water. But, I've often wondered, what's the point of using it if the swivel you use is made from a metal that remains visible and announces itself to the fish?

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More about what line to choose

May 7th 2010 01:47
Here are three more opinions on the best fishing line out there.

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Palomar vs. Trilene knots

May 5th 2010 01:28
Here's good video pitting the strength of the Palomar knot against the Trilene Knot,

I was interested in this comparison since I'm pretty big on the Palomar because of its ease to tie and strength.

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Slow rolling a spinner bait

March 2nd 2010 01:54
spinner bait

Spinner baits are one of the most versatile lures an angler can have in his tackle box.

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Why does my line tangle?

October 2nd 2009 00:27
It's really a downer when you see a big fish out there, start to cast toward it, and then the line snaps back in a tangled mess.

What happened?

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Taking care of line twist

June 7th 2009 01:52
We've all been there—you see a big one, start to fire out a cast, and the lure goes about ten feet and snaps back, almost hitting you. Incredulously, you look at the rod to see a twisted ball of line encircling the reel. If you're lucky you can pick at the tangle enough to go on about your business but sometimes the only answer is cutting away the offending section of line. Worse still, you may not be in a position to cut the line and that ends your fishing for the day!

worse, after you spend all that time picking out one tangle, your very next cast leads to another tangle! Line-twist is often the culprit in these circumstances and no amount of picking tangles is going to remedy the problem.

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A look at fluorocarbon line

March 21st 2009 04:06
Since I don't make my own video, you can take a look at this quickie from YouTube showing the difference between fluorocarbon line and, what they call, "normal" line. Your guess is as good as mine as to what "normal" line may be. If they mean "most common" when they say, "normal" I assume they mean mono.

Who's to say what "normal" is?

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What line weight do you use?

March 20th 2009 01:54
Here's professional angler Scott Martin responding to the question "What line test do you recommend?

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diamond weight
Have you ever wished you lived some place else? I don't exactly want to pack up and move to Britain but I'm a little excited about a fishing weight that has been developed by the Brits.

A see-through weight called the Diamond weight is transparent and allows the background to show through. In addition to this, it's durable enough to stand up under months of abuse so, you may be able to get a fishing trip or two or three out of your investment.

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Tips on fly line and knot tying

November 28th 2008 01:23
Here is some good advice on picking line for fly fishing and the video ends up showing you how to tie a CLINCH KNOT so, you're getting a lot in a short presentation!

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Using fluorocarbon line

November 6th 2008 00:26
You can't talk about "superlines" and not mention fluorocarbons! This is another spool of line that can end up costing a few bucks so, read this and know what you're getting into!

Monofilament used to rule the market when it came to line. In the past few years, however, mono has slowly fallen out of favor with tournament anglers and they're turning to fluorocarbon line.

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Some braided line tips

November 5th 2008 00:49
If you're not totally confused about line yet, here's a video from YouTube talking a little bit about using braided line.

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