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Alabama Rig--pro or con

February 7th 2012 02:13
Some people like the Alabama Rig and some don't. Some think it's unfair and some just don't care,

What is the Alabama Rig? No it's not something new named for the national champion football team!

It's a rig incorporating several hooks or lures and ends up looking like a small school of fish.

Alabama Rig
A problem that's dogged the Alabama since its inception, is that it has been outlawed in some areas. Another problem is the ethics of such a rig. Some people would say swimming a group of lures through a school of fish almost guarantees at least one strike. Other anglers like to pull it through bedding areas of spawning fish where a bite is almost a sure bet because of their aggressive behavior when mating.

Some may think you're going to be casting a ton of weight with the Alabama. Not necessarily! It's suggested to use fairly light lures, 1/8 oz. with the Alabama. AND providing you do things properly, the folks at Mann's, makers of the Alabama, report tangling is not a problem.

Like it or not, the Alabama Rig is out there. It's up to you to figure out if it's legal in your area. Ethical? You have to figure that out too.

Remember to take the hooks outta yer pocket before ya sit down!


How to hook minnows

June 30th 2011 01:39
Here's a quick vid on how to hook a minnow.

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Don't forget a drop shot rig

April 23rd 2011 01:07
Although it may be called a down shot or under shot, a drop shot rig is one of the most useful you'll find. While it is often associated with B.A.S.S., feel free to use it for different species and you'll probably be richly rewarded.

In the true form, drop shotting is a finesse technique that requires light line, often something like 6-10 lb. test, and a fluorocarbon line is preferable to a mono. Braids will work but they may spook fish. At any rate, if you're going very deep, something without stretch is desirable.

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A two hook rig

February 18th 2011 01:43
I'm not sure what this rig is really called. I just call to a two hook rig for obvious reasons.

two hook rig
Two hooks, a weight, and some fluorocarbon line is all it takes!
This is a good set up for anything you find at the bottom of a body of water. I have fairly large hooks here because I was last using this rig for catfish. It's also a good rig for panfish. You must realize this is NOT a casting rig. Drop the rig right over the edge of your boat or even fish right off of a boat dock. The only stipulation I use as far as depth is concerned is make sure you can't see the bottom and you're probably good to go. If water is murky, this may mean you're fishing in two or three feet of water so I try to make it five feet or better.

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A rig like no other

May 18th 2010 01:13
sinker rig
Don't do this!!!!!!
At the risk of sounding crass...

Sometimes when you're out fishing, you find things that make you go "WTF?????"

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Hair rigs and knotless knots

April 30th 2009 02:02
Since carp are one of the most abundant fish in the world, I thought you may want to check out this video from Matt Hayes. He's illustrating a basic rig for carp fishing, a hair rig.

I've tried to research carp quite a bit and some authorities say to use braided line for a carp rig. Some like fluorocarbon. This video suggests mono so, that's what I'm using this season!

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A good all-around rig

April 24th 2009 01:29
fishing rig
I have no idea what this rig is called but, it works pretty well for most fish. In fact, the only species I know of that WON'T bite on this is carp. (I can't say they never bite on this but it's not a carp rig.) You can even use this for surf fishing! All you have to do is change from the weight you usually use and go with a heavier weight--usually a pyramid style sinker-- and head for the waves.

If you do much fishing, you'll probably say it looks sort of like a drop shot rig. That's something I won't deny!

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How to rig a soft plastic lure

October 17th 2008 00:32
Here's a nice video from YouTube that shows how to rig a soft plastic shad or just about any other kind of soft bait for that matter.

It's always a little dicey to say exactly how far to insert your hook. Provideing you're using offset hooks, what a guy told me works well. Insert the hook as much as the length of the offset. It seems to make things really easy!

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Dropshotting with Alton Jones

February 18th 2008 06:09
Alton Jones is one of the top dogs on the pro tour. He entered the BASS arena in 1991 and has won four tournaments since that time while entering over 140 events and finishing in the money over 80 times.

His demonstration of dropshotting illustrates one of the most widely used techniques you can find. However, this is also a technique you may have been using all along and never knew the name!

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Weekend tip--the double rig

December 29th 2007 03:39
double rig
This is a set up I read about in a fishing magazine and then saw on TV. I decided to give it a shot and I was more than a little pleased. It's called "The Double Rig." It's great when you're fishing lures or artificial minnows!

It's fairly easy to use this rig. All you do is put a 3-way swivel at the end of your line. On one end of the swivel you tie around a foot (30 cm.) of line and the other end used around a foot and a half(45 cm). These are loose measurements and you can use more leader if desired but these measurements keep me from getting snagged. The big thing to concern yourself with is making sure it appears that the fish are swimming together.

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Weekend tip--Drop shotting

August 11th 2007 00:08
This is another rig people often use but have no idea what it's called.
While popularized by success on the B.A.S.S. tour, drop shotting has been around for years and can be used to yield a variety of species.

This set up is designed to get your bait down deep and get the "big ones" off the bottom. The easiest way to drop shot is to jump in a boat, go out to the middle of a body of water and drop your line until it hits bottom. then, you take up the slack and hold on! You need not despair if you don't have access to a boat. Drop shotting is also a great technique around boat docks, piers, and bridges. Often fished with soft plastics, you can easily use live bait with this rig and get good results

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Weekend tip--Carolina rig

August 4th 2007 00:13
Carolina rig

At first glance the Carolina rig looks like the Texas rig. However, upon closer inspection, you'll see they ARE different. A Texas rig, with its weight against the hook, is going to keep your bait/lure right on the bottom. A Carolina rig is going to let it float freely on the leader attached to the swivel. Although soft plastics , worms, crayfish, or lizards are usually used with this rig, some people prefer to use a floating minnow lure. Use a leader of about 18-36 inches between the hook and swivel and you'll never go wrong

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Weekend tip--Texas rig

July 28th 2007 04:21
If it's true that a picture is worth a thousand words then, you're in luck!
worm hooks
A Texas rig is pretty simple. In fact, a lot of people use it and never know what it's called! You begin by inserting your line into a bullet (tapered) sinker with it pointed back toward your rod. The next step is purely optional. You can add a bead or not. Aside from making eye candy for the fish, some people use a glass bead because it makes a noise when the sinker hits it and helps to attract fish. At any rate, adding the bead WILL save wear and tear on your knot. After that, all you have to do is tie on your hook and you have it! The only curve ball is that we're now using worm hooks. Notice that they have a curve in the shank as opposed to a regular hook which is on the bottom in the picture on the left.

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