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A rod to do it all

August 2nd 2014 14:34
With prices the way they are these days, it's not uncommon to try and get one fishing rod that will take care of most of your fishing.

With that in mind, I eagerly dove into this article from North American Fisherman.

North American Fisherman covers many facets of fishing and gives time to all fishing whether it's bass, redfish, or pan fish. Unfortunately, this article, although it's full of good information, seems to cater more toward bass anglers and rods for throwing various baits.
The guy who caught this pike on an ultra-light rod must have had tales to tell!

This blog has address the trials of choosing a fish rod.For ocean fishing, you're going to need a heavy rod. For trout, something much lighter is in order. For bass or catfish, something somewhere in the middle.

Even with this simplistic advice, you'll have to do some thinking because not all fish in the ocean are huge. There are small bass and catfish. On the flip side of that, trout can get big. Have you ever seen a lake trout?

A conversation with many anglers will reveal that they have several fishing rods. Four, nine, a dozen--it seems like the number goes up with age. But, that's not to say all the rods they possess are similar. They may have a few that are light for smaller trout or panfish, a couple for bass, something heavier for decent sized cats, something a little longer and heavier for surf fishing, and then maybe one for that once in a life time vacation where they went marlin fishing.

So, one rod for everything? It hasn't been made yet!

Remember to take the hooks outta yer pocket before ya sit down!


Updated Ugly Stick

July 25th 2013 14:33
Here's a report on the updated version of one of angling's most popular rods, the Ugly Stick.

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Happy Holidaze

December 25th 2012 00:23

What are line guides?

June 4th 2012 02:07
People are going to look at the title and say, "Jim's really hard up for something to write about."

If I was a casual observer I'd think so too but, I was talking to a person the other day who honestly asked me that very question!

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So, it's time to buy a rod?

November 26th 2011 15:19
Itís important to know what youíre looking for when you go to buy your first fishing rod. Granted, they may not look all that complicated and they all look pretty much alike but, there are differences and getting the wrong rod can end up being a costly mistake.

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Upgrade your reel handle

May 1st 2011 01:19
Here's an ad that popped up in my in-box the other day.

deep sea fishing
New fishing equipment comes out every other day so I'm not real crazy about promoting items unless I use them or it's one of those "Why didn't they think of this sooner?"

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Great fishing innovations

December 11th 2010 01:49
A friend forwarded a link from the North American Fishing Club to me. It was an article outlining the top ten fishing inventions.

Since I've caught a fish or two and since I'm a sucker for Top-10 lists, I was all over this thing like stink on a monkey!

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Fishing rods vs. Fishing poles

October 10th 2010 01:37
If you've read much American literature, you know about the lazy days spent by Huckleberry Finn as he relaxed down by the fishin' hole with a stick for a rod and piece of line tied to the end.

Part of that image persists even today when it comes to make the distinction between "fishing RODS" and "fishing POLES."

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The "NEW" look of fishing rods

October 7th 2010 04:17
Fishing rods
The other day a guy at work mentioned that fishing rods are different they used to be. To back up his hypothesis, he showed me the picture at the right depicting some St.Croix rods.

This picture clearly illustrates "through the handle" construction which means the handle area and rod shaft are all one piece and helps increase sensitivity. This idea is nothing new and has been around for a long time.

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A little surf fishing

September 24th 2010 15:08
It's been a little over two years since I last surf fished so, it was no wonder this video stirred a restless feeling in my heart.

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It can be pretty intimidating to buy a new fishing rod whether you go to you local sporting goods store or discount store. Rods today are a far cry from the cumbersome loads they used to be. Today's rods incorporate modern features only imagined by past generations. Cork handles or foam? Does fiberglass or graphite matter? Better yet; is that hundred dollar rod really better than one that costs ten dollars? When picking out their fist first fishing rod, too many people simply show up at the local discount chain and pick out the first rod that catches their eye.

It's easy to set a budget but the next step is harder: deciding what type of fishing you're going to be doing. Really doing! Everyone wants to catch a whopper deserving a spot on the wall. However, if you're readying yourself for your first fishing adventure, it never hurts to start out slow.

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Trout in the Pecos

June 5th 2010 21:03
I don't fly fish very much but if I lived where this guy does, my fly rod wouldn't be sitting in the corner in need of line!

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Making a bamboo fly rod

January 26th 2010 05:13
Although I don't do a lot of fly fishing, I can appreciate all the work that goes into a quality fly rod.

Watch this video and you can see why they cost so much!

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Proper rod storage

January 16th 2010 01:19
fishing rods
If you're not going to be fishing for a long period of time such as I'm experiencing with the cold weather, proper storage of your fishing rod is imperative!

It's tempting to lean your rod against the wall or stick it in the corner and forget about it. However, this is the last thing you and to do! Leaning a rod against the wall can cause it to warp over time and reduce its effectiveness. Further, in the case of expensive bamboo fly rods, you're making the rod virtually useless because a warped rod is difficult to cast accurately.

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Casting and balanced rods

January 8th 2010 01:08
This video will give you instructions on how to cast a spinning reel but I was interested at the mention of balance because it's something I never really though about.

Balance can refer to the rod but when it really comes into play is when you mate a reel to a fishing rod.

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How to use a spinning reel

January 1st 2010 01:40
Here's a quick video to show you how to use that spinning outfit you got for Christmas.

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Don't drop this rod in the weeds!

September 22nd 2009 00:46
USA Custom Camouflaged Fishing Rod

If you're into the "camo" look, USA Custom Rods has just the thing for you. They've come out with a line of fishing rods incorporating Mossy Oak Brand Camouflage.

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Fishing in 2009

May 10th 2009 00:58
Mojo Fishing Rods
Part of the joy of fishing comes from trying out new equipment. Nothing beats tearing the plastic wrapping off of a cork rod handle and the first cast you make with that new rod!

For around 50 bucks you can consider Berkley's Lightning Rod. This rod is available in a 6'6" or 7 foot model and both casting or spinning applications. Designed for optimum use of modern super lines, you're free to match any reel you choose with one of these rods.

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Another big catch with a Barbie rod!

April 12th 2009 05:13
There must be something about those Barbie fishing rods. A little less than a year ago, I posted about a little girl and her dad who caught a big fish. It's happened again. A little girl from North Carolina and her father landed a 21 pound catfish! That comes to just a shade over 9.5 kilos!

Let's be fair, though. This was done on 6 pound test line. The other fish was caught on four pound test. ( I hope they know I was kidding!)

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