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Casting and balanced rods

January 8th 2010 01:08
This video will give you instructions on how to cast a spinning reel but I was interested at the mention of balance because it's something I never really though about.

Balance can refer to the rod but when it really comes into play is when you mate a reel to a fishing rod.

As the video points out, you should have a balance point right at the reel seat--where the reel attaches to to the rod.

If you've gone down to the sporting goods store, bait shop, or even Wal-Mart, you've probably seen guys taking rods off the rack, shaking them or tipping the rods up and down in an effort to check their balance because few things in angling are worse that throwing out a lure and then trying to reel it back a few times with a rod and reel combination that throw everything out of kilter.

Rod balance is not something I would advise a novice to worry about. If you are just starting out, most manufacturers make kits that are pretty well balance to begin with. It's when you think you know what you're doing that you screw up. Trust me--I now that for a fact!

Remember to take the hooks outta yer pocket before ya sit down!


How to use a spinning reel

January 1st 2010 01:40
Here's a quick video to show you how to use that spinning outfit you got for Christmas.

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Gulp and Power Bait

You may think Berkely's Gulp is just a beefed up version of its Power Bait.

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Rapala reels

August 16th 2009 01:11
rapala spinning reel

It seems like I've spent a lot of time lately fishing with the same guy. Like most of us, he appreciates a good product at a decent price. Realizing that, it comes as no surprise he uses a Rapala spinning reel.

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Good buys on reels

August 1st 2009 01:13
Michell 300 spinning reel
I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be doing this but, if you're in the market for a used reel, there are a couple Michell 300's over on Ebay for under 5 bucks. I guess that's USD--I didn't look because I'm not really in the market. If you look at these and start comparing, a 300 is NOT the same as the Mitchell 300X.

I would imagine that such a price means these reels need a little work but if you get one and invest a few dollars, you may have something because these old reels are like a tank! I have two of them.

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Knots-- tangles with a name

July 28th 2009 00:52
fishing line
I heard a good one the other day--"A knot is simply a tangle with a name."

That's about the size of it. Any doubts? Try tangling your fishing line and then pick out the knots!

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diamond weight
Have you ever wished you lived some place else? I don't exactly want to pack up and move to Britain but I'm a little excited about a fishing weight that has been developed by the Brits.

A see-through weight called the Diamond weight is transparent and allows the background to show through. In addition to this, it's durable enough to stand up under months of abuse so, you may be able to get a fishing trip or two or three out of your investment.

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Pulling loops from your spinning reel

September 26th 2008 00:18
I thought this tip was too common sense to even mention until I saw this video on YouTube. (Goes to show what I know!)

Here's a way to get those loops out of your spinning reel.

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