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Strange fish we never hook

December 9th 2007 02:34
I was cruising the Web the other day and came across some more weird sea life. I wanted to share a few here. You can read the whole article (and see 27 strange sea creatures) by clicking on the link I provided.

We'll start with the COELACANTH. For years science thought this fish was extinct until some fishermen netted one in 1938.

This has to rate pretty high up there on the weird scale! Believe it or not, this is called a LUMPFISH! (I wonder why) What looks like an escapee from a SF movie is found in coastal waters off the U.S.

This alien-like creature is called the AXOLOTYL. The only place you can find this creature is in a lake in Mexico! This picture is a little deceiving because they don't really look this human! This is an example of everything coming together to make it look that way!. The angle and appearance of the animal go a long way to make it look humanoid. They are actually related to the tiger salamander.

Until next time--watch yourself and watch your line!

Strange fish link

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Comment by Mountain Fog

December 9th 2007 03:57
man oh man...that Lump fish is UGLY!! And scarily, it looks kind o fhuman..and it was found off the coast of the States? One wonders whether it is just a distortion of nature through pollution, or it was an escapee from a lab!



Comment by Harry

December 9th 2007 05:33
I agree. It looks like something out of Star Trek.

Comment by Michaelie

December 9th 2007 09:16
That lump fish really looks like an angry old man.


Comment by Tracy

December 9th 2007 10:15
I'm scared of that fish....I'm sure it is very nice and friendly, but looks-wise, it's unusual....

Comment by James Rickard

December 9th 2007 17:37
Those lumpfish are just plain weird! I've done a little research and found out that they are not only in U.S. waters. They range from the St. Lawrence River to New Jersey in the east and spread over the Atlantic ranging from Norway to Portugal.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by! This lumpfish really freaked me out! I'm glad you appreciated it.

Comment by tlcorbin

December 9th 2007 17:44
If I hooked something like that lump fish James, there'd be some line cutting activity occurring for sure. Raven

Comment by Cibbuano

December 9th 2007 22:09
that last picture looks like a happy, happy alien!

Comment by James Rickard

December 9th 2007 23:22
When I read the whole article, it made me do some research. That humanoid creature in the last pic looks a LOT different in the other pictures I saw!

At any rate, I'm certain we'll see them in future horror flics!

Comment by Lilla

December 10th 2007 00:11
Wow James, Wow.

I had seen the little alien before, but not the Lumpfish... gosh it looks like Darwins grab bag doesn't it?

Wow, evolution in motion or what?

IWhat I am left wondering is why they are surfacing now.

Is it becuase there are more surfacing or because the media is in more places than ever and we are hearing about it?

Great post as always,

Lilla ...

Comment by James Rickard

December 10th 2007 00:32

Darwins grab bag I gotta remember that!

Comment by MelissaA

December 10th 2007 16:36
Haven't I seen that lumpfish somewhere before......? Oh i know, it was in that infamous movie with Sigourney Weaver wasn't it!
That's no ordinary fish - that's a movie mega star you've got there!

Comment by Mountain Fog

December 10th 2007 17:34
ya know, I was thinking the same thing...seen that Lumpfish somewhere before...oh that's right, I dated one in the 70s!!!

And now....I look like one!!



Comment by James Rickard

December 10th 2007 23:36
We keep dancing around the same question--where have we seen that thing before????????

Comment by Ash

December 11th 2007 00:20
Hi James

Some seriously weird ceatures inhabit our waters don`t they? I wonder how many of this little bizarre creatures are left lurking in the depths that we may never see.... and people laugh off Nessie?!

Great post


Comment by James Rickard

December 15th 2007 18:15
As Johnny Carson would have said, "That's some wild, weird stuff!"

Comment by Rahul Malhotra

September 16th 2010 10:48
This is a beautiful creature..Would love to keep it in my acquarium

Comment by James Rickard

September 23rd 2010 00:30
Rahul Malhotra,

Then you have to clean up after it!!!!

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