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Another interesting link

February 6th 2011 02:48
Evidently, I've been on Orble longer than I thought.

That was brought to my attention when I found this site and remembered a video from YouTube that I posted in 2008.

Although I know a little more ab out Alvey that I used to, this web page shows what they offer in the way of products.

I don't imagine this is going to be much interest to any anyone in Australia but, here in the U.S. people may find it interesting. If nothing else, check out the gallery photos.

Alvey trademark

Remember to take the hooks outta yer pocket before ya sit down!


A little surf fishing

September 24th 2010 15:08
It's been a little over two years since I last surf fished so, it was no wonder this video stirred a restless feeling in my heart.

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Beach fishing doesn't always mean sand

February 24th 2009 01:18
Although we often have a different ideas when "beach fishing" is mentioned, this video is proof sand and surf fishing are not synonymous.

This clip comes from Denmark!

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Surf fishing for sharks

October 13th 2008 02:18
Here's a short documentary I found on YouTube about shark hunting.

This is pretty cool because instead of fishing from a boat, these guys are fishing from the beach and risk their lives with every effort since they have to take the bait to the sharks via surf board!

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Bait for saltwater

June 28th 2008 00:50
You may be good at fresh water fishing but when it comes to saltwater, it's a whole new ball game.

Different tackle--different equipment--even the bait is different!

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Weekend tip--Watch the tide

February 16th 2008 06:46
When you're fishing the surf, bays, or most salt water, your fishing can be more productive if you keep an eye on the local tides. Predatory fish prefer to feed in the shallows as tides come in and expose more hunting grounds. The best fishing is usually about and hour before and after high tide.

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Good fishing--The Outer Banks

August 3rd 2007 02:10

Fishing in the surf??????

July 20th 2007 22:55
surf fishing

If you want to catch
surf fishing
big fish (or at least something different) surf fishing may be for you! The rocky coast of New England or the warm shores of Australia are excellent locations to wet your line. In fact, you can usually surf fish in any large body of water including large lakes or bays and inlets, providing there are some breaking waves.
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