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How to make wine bottle cork lures

March 16th 2011 01:30
Here's something I never thought of--making fishing lures from old wine bottle corks.

Although you don't see the actual lure creation being done, I like the fact most concerns you may have are addressed such as material weight, durability, and hook placement.

The best thing about this video is that you may get ideas for two lures.

So,sit back and learn...

Remember to take the hooks outta yer pocket before ya sit down!


Look at some homemade lures

November 25th 2009 01:38
Here's a quick video showing some pretty decent finishes on homemade lures. If you look closely, you'll probably say. "...they all look the same." Maybe they do but, this guy has the right idea--he's found something that works and is working to make it better.

If you've done much work with fishing lures, you can appreciate this work and realize the finishes he uses sets each lure apart from the others.

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A top water lure you can make!

June 25th 2008 00:17
One seldom thinks of lure making when the words ”crafts” or “woodworking” are mentioned but you probably should. Lure making isn’t that hard. In fact, some designs are pretty darned easy!

Any lure you make is going to cost a lot less than anything you buy. How good the lure looks, professional or commercial appeal, will depend on your talents. I, honestly, can’t draw a straight line but that never stopped me and, luckily, never stopped fish from biting on the lures I make.

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