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With the glut of "reality" programming on television these days, fishing, with its lack of action but heavy mental preparation, seems a natural fit for the genre.
Bottom Feeders

Granted, you have Wicked Tuna, Deadliest Catch or even Whale Wars but Outdoor Channel's Bottom Feeders goes a step further and shows a different side to fishing and you suddenly realize fishing isn't all about being on the ocean in a big boat.

Bottom Feeders follows commercial fishermen in the Northern reaches of the U.S., and and demonstrates how hard they work to harvest what people commonly call "bottom feeders"--carp, buffalo, drum, suckers, or other "trash fish."

Since these hardy souls are commercial fishermen, you're not going to see rod and hook angling. Rather, you'll see these guys out stringing nets in sub-freezing weather. Speaking of the weather, while the temperature may not be mentioned, you know it's cold because you hear the wind buffeting the microphones or hear the whistling in the background.

And it wouldn't be reality TV without commentary from each episode's participants. Staged or real, sometimes it's those catty remarks that make the show go!

Remember to take the hooks outta yer pocket before ya sit down!


Animal Planet's most successful program, River Monsters will be returning for a fifth season April 7 at 9 p.m.

Personally, I'm a little surprised because the finale of Season 4 was sort of a swan song in that it was a rehash of some of host Jeremy Wade's most memorable quests as host of the program.

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Your chance to fish on TV

August 25th 2012 15:11
I don't know if this is any interest to anyone or not.

I got an email about this contest yesterday but I'm pretty lax about checking my mail so I didn't see it until today.

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Another take on the BEST line

April 18th 2012 14:18
With all the fishing lines on the market today, it's hard to pick out a "best."

Too many beginners just pick the most expensive fishing line on the shelf with little regard for the application.

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Big TV night

April 1st 2012 06:03
If you're not into Dancing With The Stars or Housewives of Beverly Hills or any of the other drivel that passes for television programming these days, you may want to check out a couple programs tonight (Sunday.)

As I mentioned a few days ago, River Monsters is returning to Animal Planet tonight at 9 p.m. with new episodes.

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River Monsters set to return

March 18th 2012 06:23
red bellied pacu
This shot I lifted from the Animal Planet website will give you an idea of what you'll see.
Season 4 of Animal Planet's wildly successful River Monsters will return with new episodes April 1 at 9 p.m. EDT.

Since River Monsters has been the most successful program on Animal Planet, it's no wonder the show is returning for a forth season. However, you have to ask, "How many river monsters are there??

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Thoughts on Hillbilly Handfishin'

October 2nd 2011 00:06
The other day someone asked me, "What do you think about Hillbilly Handfishin'?"

Well, the thing is--I don't.

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Just who is Zeb Hogan?

April 17th 2011 01:00
Zeb Hogan
Sometimes, when you see guys on TV narrate a program and they begin with, "Hi, I'm so and so," you have to wonder if they even deserve to be on the air. Exactly what credentials do they bring to the table?

I was wondering that again the other night while watching National Geographic

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River Monsters returns in April

March 6th 2011 01:56
If you're a fan of Animal Planet's River Monsters the wait is over.

New episodes of River Monsters will begin airing Sunday, April 10.

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Mr. wacky--fiSh fiShbuRne

February 20th 2011 12:44
Fish Fishburne
Okay, I'll admit it sounds like a made-up name but, I was feeling lazy Saturday and watched some of those fishing guys on TV.

Since I'm not too fond of TV anglers, I wanted to watch something different and decided to give Fish Fishburne a half hour of my time and I'm glad I did! I came away with a little knowledge and a smile on my face!

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Jeremy Wade and River Monsters

October 8th 2009 00:48
Jeremy Wade
Jeremy Wade is a British writer, biologist, extreme angler, and TV host. His series River Monsters on America's Animal Planet is is what I like call "A fishing program for people who don't fish."

Wade has traveled all over the world during the past two decades to study and/or catch some of the most unusual fish you can imagine. Aside from fishing adventures he has contracted malaria, been arrested as a spy, survived a plane crash, as well as having been threatened at gun point.

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How fishing programs are made

June 23rd 2009 00:46
Here's a pretty cool video from YouTube featuring European Angler Matt Hayes who is demonstrating the task of filming a fishing program for television.

If you think this video looks a little different from what you're used to seeing, it's because Matt Hayes is also a photographer and his knowledge of interesting camera angles and lighting is used in the making of this piece.

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The Hunt for Big Fish--check it out!

March 30th 2009 20:48
Larry Dahlberg
The host with what may be a trophy for most people. It's another day at the office for him.
Although this blog isn't heading toward a critique of TV fishing programs, after mentioning Hook 'n' Look, I'd be remiss not to mention my favorite show, "The Hunt For Big Fish" with Larry Dahlberg. I've been watching this program for three or four years now because, unlike a lot of fishing programs out there, "The Hunt for Big Fish" uses unusual camera angles, creative editing, and the host catches fish like you'd NEVER imagine.

You may be familiar with the host if you're into fly fishing. The Dahlberg Diver was invented by former guide, Fishing Hall of Fame inductee, and host Larry Dahlberg.

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Bill Dance

August 20th 2007 01:34
Few names are synonymous with fishing but, Bill Dance is one of them. Growing up in Tennessee, Bill was always and avid angler and entered the professional tour back in the 60s when most people weren’t aware that there was such a thing as “professional” fishing.

After turning pro, Bill quickly established himself by placing highly or winning several of his first tournaments. Despite the success, Bill kept an eye on TV and began “Bill Dance Outdoors” in 1968 as a locally produced fishing show. From humble beginnings, the program moved to The Nashville Network before moving to the Outdoor Life Network and the cable channel’s current incarnation, Versus. (And people call “Gunsmoke” the longest running TV program

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